Lithium-ion Batteries for Electric Vehicle Applications Lithium-ion Batteries for Electric Vehicle Applications #%SPLIT%#

Driving the Move to Cleaner Transportation

TWS is a leader in the electric mobility sector with its battery packs for e-bikes, widely used in China, Europe, and increasingly elsewhere. Through its track record of experience in eBUS and passenger car design and construction, TWS has already started supplying the ever expanding e-vehicle (EV) market, which is set to revolutionize transportation by eliminating vehicular pollution. TWS is working to increase the power of these batteries and thereby extend the range of the vehicles they power.

TWS’s automotive expertise and strong systems knowledge position it well to meet the tough demands of this sector including strict government regulations, integrating sophisticated in-house developed battery management systems with vehicle design, delivering high performance within limited size and weight constraints, and meeting the challenges of operating in highly divergent environmental conditions.

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